Broadband Acronyms

ADSL (Asymmetric digital subscriber line) is a basic phone line with/without broadband. Broadband speeds up to 10Mbs.

VDSL (Very high-speed Digital Subscriber Line) is a phone line with superfast broadband. Broadband speeds up to 100Mbs.

FTTC is (Fibreoptic cable To The Cabinet) This is what gives faster broadband over the usual copper cable telephone line that comes to your house.

FTTH (Fibre-optic cable To The Home) is where an orange, fibre-optic cable is brought to your house. Generally found now in new builds and unlikely to reach any of our villages any time soon. This has speeds in the 100Mbs+ range.

Mbs (Mega-bits per second). The number of ‘bits’ per second that bring data to your computer. Not to be confused with Mega-Bytes (a byte is 8 bits).