Bespoke computer supplier

Tower PCs: I have always built my own computers and never sell branded models. This is simply because I don’t expect my customers to have to ring a call centre to try and get their computer repaired if something goes wrong with it. By purchasing your computer from Buckland Computers, one local phone call is all that is required to get it up and running again if there is a problem. The parts I use are no different to those used by major manufacturers and are fully covered by guarantees.

Laptops: I am happy to assist with your purchase by recommending a laptop to you, and to help set it up. I can transfer data from an old laptop to complete the work if required.

Computer repairs and upgrades

Whether your computer is dead, won’t start up properly or is running very slowly, Buckland Computers is here to help. We undertake repairs on any make of desktop PC or laptop (but not Apple Macs – sorry, but the Apple shop is the only place for these).

We also repair laptops but whilst most desktop computers can be repaired or upgraded with standard parts, the same isn’t always true for laptops. Whilst hard drives, memory and screens can be replaced, many laptop brands require specific motherboards which often makes a repair impossible or prohibitively expensive if that fails. If you have a laptop problem, please get in touch and I will happily advise you on what can be done. I don’t charge for this initial diagnostic service.

We can upgrade your DAB radio if it needs a firmware update. These radios need regular updates to receive additional stations that become available.

I have also been asked if I can repair things like Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo DNS, IPods etc. I am more than happy for you to bring something like this along if it is broken. I can assess whether a repair is possible and give you an idea of an approximate cost.

Large Format Printing Service

Do you need posters or drawings printed on A1 or A2 paper? Please get in touch with your requirements for a quote. Printing done while you wait!

Video tape to DVD transfer

We can transfer your old video tape to DVD for you. If you have standard video cassettes with home movies on then we can transfer them onto DVD.

Spyware and adware protection and removal

It is virtually impossible to stop spyware/malware getting onto your PC. Regularly scanning your computer with a program such as ‘Malwarebytes’ or ‘ADWcleaner’ is the most practical way to deal with this. If your computer seems to be running slower and slower, then this is usually a good starting point.

Home and office network installation and maintenance

I have years of experience of installing networks, from whole schools to small offices! Need a server to hold your files and data? I can advise on almost every aspect of networking in an office or home environment.

Broadband advice and installation

Buckland Computers is an agent for Utility Warehouse. This is a multiservice provider (founded in 2002). All your services, Electricity, Gas, Phone, Mobile and Broadband can all be purchased on one bill, helping you to budget easily. Please visit their website (link above) and call us to book for a free quote.

If you don’t currently have broadband to your home, I will be happy to advise you on the options. I am often asked who the best broadband supplier is? My reply is that broadband is a bit like petrol or diesel in that it is all virtually the same, no matter who you buy it from and different companies will have different deals on offer as they vie for your custom. I usually recommend you buy your broadband from whoever your current telephone supplier is as it will usually be offered as part of an all inclusive package. If you have children at school, or teenagers at home, the only thing to watch out for is if the broadband service is ‘capped’. This means that there is a maximum amount of data you can download per month, and you will be charged extra if you exceed the limit. Downloading music, films and TV programmes can soon add up so an ‘uncapped’ service is preferable if available.

Once ordered, broadband usually takes about five working days to set up and I can then call to get your computer connected to the internet, and configure your email. Most companies now supply a wireless router when you buy broadband which is useful if purchasing a laptop as you can use it to surf the internet almost anywhere in the house.

Web Hosting & Website Design

I offer a website registration and hosting service and can also design and create your website.

The first step is to think of a name for your website (known as a domain name). I can then check if it is available for registration and if it is, register the various ending(s) (; .com; etc) that you want. Each ‘ending’ has a two-yearly renewal fee which MUST be kept up in order for you to remain in ownership of the domain.

Once the name is registered, you can then have as many email addresses as you need set up, using Outlook, Windows LiveMail or just WebMail to access email. A basic five-page website can be created quickly from as little as £100 (excluding domain registration fees). There is also an annual hosting fee which is negotiable depending on what you have in mind. To create the website, I will obviously need some copy from you for the wording you want people to see, and some pictures.